Health Insurance

Health insurance is costly and people without it are often forced into bankruptcy after a medical emergency.  If you are able to find an affordable health care plan with reasonable premiums and deductibles, consider enrolling.  If not, look into a health savings account.  HSAs can have a triple tax advantage:  The money going is pre-tax, the income that grows from that money is tax-free, and when the funds are used for qualified medical expenses, the distribution is tax-free (unlike a 401K).


It’s always wise to think about retirement.  A good financial planner can point you in the right direction, as there are a number of investment and retirement vehicles to choose from.  But the most common is a long term mutual fund or IRA.  If your employer provides this option, and even offers a matching contribution, it is an easy decision.  Otherwise, you can contact a financial planner about setting one up for yourself.