Summer Program

If you have an interest in becoming a federal tax attorney and are on an LL.M career path, you might consider a summer internship at our firm.

Our intent is to expose you to as much of the practice of federal tax law as possible within this short time frame. You will be invited to attend client meetings, research federal tax issues, and learn the complicated and byzantine administrative structure of the internal revenue service. You will also be involved in the pleadings and litigation practice with the United States Tax Court.

Associate Attorney

If you are pursuing a career as a tax lawyer, you may be interested in considering our firm for that opportunity. We are very different than most and here’s why.

We are federal tax attorneys. We use our education, skills and experience to generate favorable resolutions to complex tax problem so to enhance the lives of the people that are suffering. We are focused on successful resolutions and results oriented. We see this as a life calling, a profession.

We are not in the business of selling billable hours. We do not require a minimum number of hours, you’re not required to join charities that we select, you’re not required to be active in the community. We don’t wear blue suits and red ties. There is no condescension or arrogance in this firm. We are here to serve.

If you have an interest in working for an Av rated federal tax firm with 65 years of successful litigation and administrative resolution to complex federal tax problems that enhance the lives of thousands of businesses and tens of thousands of individuals, then this may be the place for you.

Likewise, compensation is tied to your production. Should you choose to work additional hours and are successful and generate positive result for clients, that will be reflected in your compensation. Should you have an interest in working part-time or semi part time and spending more time as a family member, a parent or church member, we understand and your compensation can be adjusted to reflect that interest.

Professional support staff

Staff positions occasionally become available for paralegals, legal assistants and receptionists. Historically those in these positions have found this to be a challenging career which can be most interesting.


If you have an interest in this kind of service please send your resume to and we will keep it on file as those positions become available.