We have been fixing tax problems with the IRS for over 40 years
Our Cases Speak for Themselves

Lawyers rarely achieve one career validating case such as these during their lifetime.
Our firm has had nine such cases and more are pending.

What Clients Say

I spent years living in constant fear of the IRS. My credit was ruined. I couldn’t even apply for credit due to tax liens on my credit report. I feared garnishment of my wages and worried how I’d support myself and my children. All this due to tax debt that did not belong to me. I saw several other attorneys and “tax experts” who all advised me that the chance of winning an innocent spouse case was slim. Many did not even want to bother with my case. I was granted innocent spouse relief thanks to Mr Leeper’s expertise in tax law and relentless efforts to fight for me against the entity that I so feared. Mr Leeper gave me my life back.
Health Care Professional

I have had the occasion to work with David dealing with a nonprofit board I was on and also in my personal business. I have found his insight and knowledge of his profession to be superior to any other professional in this field I have dealt with. I also believe David truly cares about his client and justified to me that his fee was well worth the effort he put into the cases I had involvement.
El Paso Businessman

I have been dealing with David Leeper for many years due to massive business tax debt we have. One thing l will say is that no matter how big your tax problem is, David and his attorney on staff will make sure you laugh by the time you leave their Office. To simply put it, l called them the burden lifter. David and his staff are the sharpest tool in the box when it comes to dealing with the IRS, he’s a bulldog, he doesn’t let go until you are relieved of your tax burden. Without any reservations, he’s the best tax attorney in this era, finally he’s highly respected by ALL IRS agents.
Joe O.

Mr. Leeper, this is just a little note of appreciation for your help in our case, mentioning that in the past we had hired someone else who was unable to get us any money back, and now thanks to you and Armin J. Jezari’s help we were able to get a $41,000 refund.
Franchise Business Owner

I was very pleased with the service I received working with Armin Jezari on an IRS issue. He was able to get me released from over $8000 that my ex husband owed the IRS. He was always very quick to respond to any questions and kept me informed of the progress of my case with the IRS.
Marci L.

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David P. Leeper is a board certified federal tax attorney and has more than 33 years of experience in dealing with the IRS administratively and in litigation (Read More…)

David P. Leeper

Tax Lawyer

John Leeper has been a tax lawyer for over 23 years. He has been board certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization since 1978 (Read More…)

John Leeper

Tax Lawyer


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