It is very important that you choose an effective tax professional to represent you before the IRS. Here are several reasons this firm is different from others:


I have been a tax lawyer for over 38 years. I have been board certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization since 1978.


I have two law degrees: a Juris Doctor from Texas Tech University School of Law and an LLM (in Taxation) from New York University Law School.

Fee Structure

Typically we charge a flat fee – no bills for telephone conferences, secretarial time, postage, etc. Normally we can tell you at the first conference the likely fee, likely result and the time required to obtain that result.


This is the single most important factor to consider:

I am a federal tax attorney committed to representing taxpayers before the Internal Revenue Service. Over the years I have litigated dozens of cases, some of which have been reported in the Wall Street Journal, Associated Press, Newsweek, etc. I have also been the lead witness before the Senate Finance Committee in hearings on the Taxpayer Bill of Rights.

In short, I am an advocate. I am not an accountant, an enrolled agent, or a former IRS minion. My interest is in getting the right result as quickly as possible. I do not get paid by the hour or the page, and I am not afraid of the IRS.