Our Fees

Our goal is to obtain the right result as quickly and inexpensively as possible. Normally we can tell you at the first conference the likely fee, the likely result, and the time required to obtain that result. Typically we charge a flat fee, there are no bills for telephone conference s or secretarial time, postage or other such nonsense. We do not charge by the hour.

IRS Payment of Our Fees

We have been successful in having the IRS to pay our attorney fees. In Portillo II, 988 F2d 27 (CA5, 1993) the IRS was ordered to pay $75,000 in attorney fees on a case in which $8300 in taxes was in dispute. See also Images in Motion, TC Memo 2006–19, where the US Tax Court awarded $16,352 in attorney fees. We have also received awards of attorney fees from the IRS administratively.